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Nuclear Australia provide turnkey solutions for Radiation Source Disposal, Radioactive Waste Disposal, Class 7 shipping and Special From Encapsulation of radioactive materials. Nuclear Australia is a specialized company providing radiation based products and engineering services to the medical, industrial, defence and research industry sectors. We support our customers, in Australia and around the globe with our team of professionals across key scientific and engineering disciplines which includes health physicists, electronic, computer systems, mechanical and structural simulation engineers.


What We Do.

Nuclear Australia is your one stop shop and key industry partner for all of your radiation needs including Radiation Source Disposal, Wipe Testing, Radiation Management Plans, Radiation Survey Meters, Geiger Counters and Electronic Radiation Dosimeters. Nuclear Australia recognize the need to be proactive for our customers here in Australia and around the globe, that’s why we are pleased to offer our online shop, the first of its kind in Australia.  our experienced scientific and engineering staff are here to assist you with any requirement you might have including:

  • Radiation Survey Meters and Radiation Monitors for Alpha, Beta, Gamma & X-Ray radiation

  • Radiation Dosimeters and Personal Electronic Dosimeters for all types of radiation & energy levels

  • Radiation Source Disposal of industrial, medical and scientific sources

  • Radioactive Isotope Capsule Supply Including Co-60, Cs-137, Kr-85, Cf-252, Am-241, Sr-90, Ra-226

  • Radiation Management Plans for Companies Using Radioactive Sources

  • Radiation Wipe Testing and On-site Auditing

  • Radiation Monitor, Survey Meters, Dosimeter Repairs and Maintenance

  • Material Analysis for Radionuclide Levels

  • Type A Radiation Transport Packages & Type B(U) Packages in accordance with ARPANSA & NRC

  • 3rd Party Simulation and Analysis Of Radiation Transport Packages, & Laboratories

  • Research & Design of Electronic Measurement Products and industrial Control Systems

Radiation Source Disposal, Low Cost, Safe & Easy Solutions

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