Analysis & Reporting

Nuclear Australia provides professional radiation services for the industrial, medical, mining, government and commercial sectors. Analytical services are performed by our experienced staff and include testing of radionuclide levels in a verity of matrices such as food, soil, sediments, water and slurry. We also offer wipe testing, on-site inspection auditing, and construction of Radiation Management Plans for companies using radioactive materials to aid in compliance to the ARPANSA regulations and code of practice.

Radiation Management PlansAnalysis1

Nuclear Australia are well experienced in the design and implementation of Radiation Management Plans. Radiation
Management Plan s are often a legal requirement of the Local Health Department or other similar governing bodies. In the event that there is no formal requirements mandating such plans any responsible company will have a plan in place to cover any unforeseen future situations such as fire or other catastrophes.

It is too late after the event if no-one knows what their responsibilities entail. In this modern world there is no excuse. Nuclear Australia’s Radiation Management Plan covers the responsibilities of the Company, the Radiation Safety Officer and the Employee plus more.

We will visit your site, assess all radiation hazards and locations on site and write a Radiation Management Plan tailored specifically for your company’s requirements. Writing of the Management Plan will be done in joint consultation with the Site Radiation Safety Officer and Occupational Health and Safety Officers. Completion is only considered when all interested parties are in full agreeance with the Plan, their Roles and their Responsibilities.

Wipe TestingAnalysis2

Wipe Testing is a necessary legal requirement to ensure the integrity of the source. The Wipe Testing Procedure isp
erformed periodically to ensure the source capsule is not leaking,allowing dangerous isotopes to escape into the surrounding environment.

A leaking source capsule is deemed unacceptable and dangerous and must be disposed of under the guidance of the relevant Authority. The actual test is a simple procedure where a specialized wipe is used to pick up any loose materials from the surface of the source holder. A Nuclear Australia engineer will visit your site and perform the wipe test. At the conclusion of on-site testing an “on-the-spot” certificate is supplied for your records.

Alternatively a wipe may be taken by the site Radiation Safety Officer and forwarded to Nuclear Australia for analysis. A Certificate of Compliance is issued within 5 working days from receipt of wipe.