Radioactive Source Disposal

Radioactive Source Disposal / Radiation Source Disposal / Radioactive Waste Disposal Turn Key Solutions. Nuclear Australia offer turn key solutions for the Disposal of Radioactive Sources and Radioactive Waste Materials Australia wide. Providing Radiation Source Disposal, Radioactive Waste Disposal, Class 7 shipping and Special From Encapsulation of radioactive materials to the industry for over 25 Years.

Our disposal service covers all aspects from onsite de-commissioning, transportation, capsule downloading, wipe testing and packaging. Working with our key international radioactive source disposal & recycle facilities. And using our unique methodology for logistics, isotope consolidation and in-house package design. Nuclear Australia is the most cost effective and competitive radioactive source disposal company operating in Australia.

Nuclear Australia is fully licensed, to provide radiation based services such as capsule transfer, transportation, packaging, repackaging, and disposal facilitation of radioactive sources. We work directly with our partner international companies to permanently dispose of or recycle unwanted sources. Our expertise and understanding of the disposal process and the regulatory requirements both national and international makes our disposal service and fast and cost effective. For more information on our disposal services or to obtain a fixed price quotation please contact us

Common Radiation Source Disposals

Nuclear Australia commonly dispose of the following isotopes, up to Enhanced Security Category-1 Activities. Nuclear Australia also dispose of many other types of radioactive material such a Depleted Uranium and X-Ray tubes. For more information on our disposal services, or to speak directly with an expert, please contact us

  • Co-60, Cobalt 60 Radioactive Source Disposal
  • Cs-137, Caesium 137 Radioactive Source Disposal
  • Kr-85, Krypton 85 Radioactive Source Disposal
  • Cf-252, Californium 252 Radioactive Source Disposal
  • Am-241, Americium 241 Radioactive Source Disposal
  • Sr-90, Strontium 90 Radioactive Source Disposal
  • Ra-226, Radium 226 Radioactive Source Disposal
  • Am-241, Americium 241/Beryllium Radioactive Source Disposal
  • Fe-55, Iron 55 Radioactive Source Disposal
  • Pu-238, Plutonium 238 Radioactive Source Disposal
  • Pm-147, Promethium 147 Radioactive Source Disposal

The Process.

  • Contact Nuclear Australia to discuss your requirements and if you wish Nuclear Australia to remove and transport the sources from site.
  • Forward the source(s) information to Nuclear Australia, ie  isotope, activity, origin, and certificates.
  • Nuclear Australia will identify the most cost effective disposal pathway and transportation method. A quotation will be provided within 24 to 48 hours.
  • On receiving the quotation and disposal agreement from Nuclear Australia, arrange with us a time to collect or receive the sources.
  • Nuclear Australia will handle all regulatory requirements relating to ownership transfer, disposal facilitation authority and transportation declarations.
  • Nuclear Australia will collect or receive the source(s). At this point Nuclear Australia will take ownership of the source(s).